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  • Rs. 600 500 / 100 gm
TEA BENEFIT Digestion problems: Black tea is rich in tannins and other chemicals that have a positive and relaxing effect on the digestive system of human body. This anti-inflammatory quality of black tea is helpful for curing digestive disorders.
High cholesterol: People who consume black tea have reduced bad cholesterol levels responsible for heart strokes and fatal attacks. It has also been found that people who drink 3 to 4 cups of black tea everyday are at lesser risk of heart problems than those who consume minimum or no tea.
DESCRIPTION A tailor made tea for the export markets. An abundance of golden tips make this tea a unique and heavenly experience from the region of Assam. Perfect for milk and sugar and goes well without them too.
assamtea assamtea

1 heaped teaspoon1 heaped teaspoon

boiling waterboiling water

3 - 4 minutes3 - 4 minutes

Take one heaped teaspoon per 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Use a tea pot or a carafe. Pour water onto the tea. Cover and brew for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Adjust brewing time with strength and taste desired. Rinse pot after wards with hot water only. Do not use soap. Add milk and sugar as per your liking.