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TEA BENEFIT Jasmine helps in preventing a number of diseases. Jasmine green tea health benefits are speeding up of metabolism aiding in weight loss and also helps to reduce cholesterol. Never mind drinking it, just the aroma from jasmine tea has benefits. A study published in the ´┐ŻEuropean Journal of Applied Psychology´┐Ż found that the inhalation of the jasmine scent produces a significant reduction in heart rate that results in a sedative effect on mood and nerve activity. Jasmine tea is widely used in aromatherapy as a stress reliever and a natural anti-depressant. Besides these, all Green tea benefits are an added bonus.
DESCRIPTION A green jasmine tea, subtly worked leaves with the best jasmine blossoms, flowery flavor, elegant and harmonious in taste. An imperial rarity. A wonderful everyday jasmine tea which is famous for its high proportion of prized silver buds.
The tea is carefully scented repeatedly, with freshly picked aromatic Jasmine flowers. Enjoy the experience of this full bodied, clean and fresh tea, great with food.
China Jasmine Green tea China Jasmine Green tea

boiling waterboiling water

1 - 2 minutes1 - 2 minutes

no milkno milk

no sugarno sugar

Take one heaped teaspoon per 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Use a tea pot or a carafe. Let water cool for 30 seconds. Pour water onto the tea. Cover and brew for at least 1 to 2 minutes, adjusting brewing time with strength and taste desired. Rinse pot after wards with hot water only. Do not use soap. Please do not add milk or sugar.