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  • Rs. 1300 / 100 gm
TEA BENEFIT Green tea helps burn fat: It can help speed up the metabolic rate because its antioxidant effect helps the liver to function more efficiently. Green tea drinkers also find that their energy levels are greatly increased.
Green tea protects against heart disease: It has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, because its potent antioxidant effects inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries. The formation of abnormal blood clots (thrombosis) is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke, and green tea has been shown to inhibit abnormal blood clot formation.
DESCRIPTION A pleasant, smooth green tea with long leaf and yellow infusion. It has a fresh, vegetal aroma and a clean and slightly astringent palate. Best without milk or sugar.
greenorganictea greenorganictea

boiling waterboiling water

1 - 2 minutes1 - 2 minutes

no milkno milk

no sugarno sugar

Take one heaped teaspoon per 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Use a tea pot or a carafe. Let water cool for 30 seconds. Pour water onto the tea. Cover and brew for at least 1 to 2 minutes adjusting brewing time with strength and taste desired. Rinse pot after wards with hot water only. Do not use soap. Please do not add milk or sugar.