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TEA BENEFIT The caffeine present in the tea helps bring about an improvement in mental focus and concentration. Black tea can prove effective in balancing the hormone levels in the body, in turn keeping stress at bay. The tea helps the body fight bacteria and strengthens the immune system as well.
Tea is a source of the minerals manganese, essential for bone growth and body development, and potassium, vital for maintaining body fluid levels.
DESCRIPTION Leaves hand rolled into �wires�. Well rounded cup, with a pleasing aroma.
Another superb tea from the estate of Rohini.
wirytea wirytea

boiling waterboiling water

3 - 4 minutes3 - 4 minutes

no milkno milk

no sugarno sugar

Take one heaped teaspoon per 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Use a tea pot or a carafe. Pour water onto the tea. Cover and brew for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Adjust brewing time with strength and taste desired. Rinse pot after wards with hot water only. Do not use soap. Please do not add milk or sugar.