Chef-owner Gaurav Saria’s first visit to Bangalore changed his life forever. The city’s cosmopolitan culture and delightful weather made it the right place to open Infinitea: Tea-Room & Tea-Store.

Today, Infinitea is more than just about the finest teas from around the world. It is the definitive place for the infinite enjoyment of food, wine and, of course, tea.

Gaurav and Infinitea’s roots are intertwined in the highest tea estate - Gopaldhara, situated at 7000ft in Darjeeling. This made him a natural when it came to tea. And then he discovered his real calling lay in the culinary world.


There are more than 130 dishes, with a section dedicated to a serious health-conscious lifestyle. The spectrum ranges from the gentle CousCous to the rich Prawns on Fire.


A very fine selection of sparkling, white, red, and rosé to complement every taste, every occasion.


The world of teas - from the rarest to the most popular, in all their variety and splendour, from near and far. Teas for better health. Teas for peace.
Epitomising tea culture and ceremony.
You can also buy loose tea here.


There are two main events.

One is Tea Tasters Anonymous.
This is where Gaurav shares his knowledge of brewing and blending with participants.

The other is Wine ‘n’ Art.
Artists of various genres guide participants as they express through colours on canvas.

There are 2 Infinitea Restaurants and Tea Stores

Cunningham Road

2 Shah Sultan Complex,
Cunningham Road,
Bangalore 560001
For reservations:
+91 -804114 -8428 / 8810


26 ESI Hospital Road,
Bangalore 560008
For reservations:
+91 804151 4100

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